introducing the twitter vanity list seo

Lasted updated by @craigaddyman on 20 August 2015

Just a quick one today. I have been using Twitter lists for a little while now and playing with how best to use them for increased engagement and as a way to help manage an account as optimal as possible.

Anyway, I came up with this neat little idea for a "vanity List", basically all you do it create a Twitter list and make it public and what you want to do is call it something along the lines of "Really Cool Peeps" or "My Highly Recommended List" to play on someones celebrity. On the account I trailed this on I went for "Awesome People" and everyone that mentions me gets added to the list (I actually use a ifttt recipe to do this for me).

This may sound pretty simple but it is making my engagement sky-rocket as people are getting added to the list and because it's a public, they are getting notified and then thanking me for the pleasure - these very people are then retweeting my other tweets and engaging with me more. I have even had people asking if they could be added to it and I have tweeted saying if you retweet this you may get added to my "Awesome People" list, it's almost like a twitter gamification.

You may have noticed all I'm talking about is Twitter at the moment - it's just a phase :)


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