WTF is quality content marketing

Lasted updated by @craigaddyman on 18 March 2016

Content is king! Didn't you know?! You've probably heard this, that many times, you're close to ripping the face off the next person who says it to you. You may have noticed, not many of those spouting "quality content" can give a clear definition, I'm going to see if I can.

To be fair, it's a difficult topic, after all, quality content is subjective; what one person finds useful, others may not.

Define Your Content and its Purpose

To get a head start of the competition, you need to clearly define your content and its purpose; who's if for and how does it surve them? How does this align with your current business objectives?

Answering these questions will ensure you are on the right track - don't be scared of asking your users direct.

Design & Structure

Almost as important as the actual content - is how it looks and flows - In my opinion, content should look beautiful and be structured in a way that is easy to navigate and skim-read, to ensure your readers can quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Just look at a well designed site (not this one :() compared to one with a poor design, the content magically feels like better quality. 

The Final Formula

Purposeful Content + Design = Quality Content


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