how to find an xml sitemap seo

Lasted updated by @craigaddyman on 20 August 2015

Not getting into anything to complex in this post but this is just a nice-to-have that you might find useful; a javascript bookmarklet that might come in handy now and then when trying to find a sites xml sitemap. Simple yet effective.

If you already know what this is simply drag the following into your browsers bookmark bar.

UPDATE: Apparently this wasn't working, not sure if WP was stripping something out of the code but it's working now! XML Sitemap Finder

If you're not sure what it is drag it in anyway and click it on a site you want to find the xml sitemap on. A little more on javascript bookmarklets can be found here. Basically, this one I have made strips away the URL path and the sub-domain (www.) to do a site search for "filetype:xml" which in most cases will quickly reveal the xml sitemap.

If the sitemap isn't displayed in the SERPs it means two things; either there is no sitemap or it isn't indexed for whatever reason. You can of course keep it old school by searching for /sitemap.xml but that's a bit boring and again, not a full proof method as the URL paths change from site to site depending on where the webmaster/developer has dropped it.

If you still haven't found it you could check the robots.txt or strike it off as missing. You've probably already noticed I don't have a sitemap - don't start! :)


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