I'm tired of reading about content curation at the moment so I thought I would share a random thought and just an FYI I'm not a black hat or anything like that, I just find the idea interesting. :)

I don't have everything worked out but I am hoping for some further input in the comments - although this is really just a bit of fun.

So basically it comes down to gaming social signals, in the case it will be via twitter. There has been a lot of talk about the importance of social signals coming into play and mixed opinions of whether or not it will have more of an impact on the overall ranking algorithm in the future. There has been some examples of the ranking influence social signals have had, one such case study is from SEOmoz.

Getting to the point wouldn't it be good if you could game social signals?

Here's the set up, multiple twitter accounts (in the 100 thousands or more) all tweeting in a natural yet automated manner, all controlled from one dashboard. This amount of accounts might sound crazy but so does Eli talking about getting your first million pages indexed!

twitter black hat

So here is how you might do it...

Using something like ZennoPoster you could create thousands of twitter accounts, over a few months, all automated just set up the template and hit go and let all the login details gather.

Next we will need a dashboard built that can handle the accounts, this will need a upload function so we can take the text file of account logins generated from ZennoPoster and get them into the dashboard easily. Something very similar to timely would do the trick with these added features and possibly some kind of category system to make it more manageable.

To automate the twitter accounts we could use ifttt to tweet and retweet etc and use a mixture RSS feeds to tweet out questions from say Quora (without the Quora link so it just looks like a question) and tweeting blog posts with the links. Not quite sure how to do this on a mass scale - Any ideas? Again functionality built into the system - Maybe a macro style set up similar to ZennoPoster?

The dashboard would need to be able to trigger each account separately so you could tweet something and then let the tool begin tweeting and re-tweeting a particular message, site, hash tag or whatever all at random times and over a predefined period of time and I guess it would need to run through some mass proxy network of some sorts to make it look natural?

I know it's spammy but I love the thought of being able to make something trend on twitter or even rank within the search engines by gaming the system.



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