Gaming Linkedin Hacks

Lasted updated by @craigaddyman on 25 March 2016

So, I'm quite a fan of Linkedin and I've recently got into the habbit of liking people's statuses and updates, as well as trying to expand my network past annoying recruiters (sorry guys) by adding people on a daily basis.

I found the mobile app to be fairly decent at allowing me to rapid-fire add people but it's still a lot of faff when really all I'm trying to do is up my rank, which in turn puts me in front of more people who then add me, it's also surprisingly good at creating new opportunities, so far I been asked if I'd like to be a guest speaker at a local meet-up as well as a tool reviewer and I've been included within a blog post on 'Expert Digital Marketers'.

Anyway, I decided I'd code a little bookmarklet to do the heavey lifting for me; I use the word code lightly as it's barly enough code to call it as such. Here it is:


This needs to be saved as a bookmarklet and executed on this page:

Essentially, it's just looking for the bt-request-buffed button class and executing a click. If you load the entire page (keep scrolling down the ever-scroll page) and run this, you'll likely have 200+ new connection by the next day.

Happy Hacking! :)


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