Lately, I have heard lots of talk on conversion rate optimisation, while it's nothing new, I'm seeing more and more companies jumping on board; due mainly because companies like Google have made it very easy and very quick to set up A/B and multivariate testing.

The thing I'm not seeing is data driven actions. It's all well and good setting up an A/B test but what are you changing?? And more importantly why? It's rather humorous to think about SEOs, webmasters, and designers masquerading as CROs, tampering with fonts, layouts and colours and sadly turning into tunnel visioned charlatans.

Now OK , maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself; a good design layout, fonts and colours can make all the difference but that's just fine tuning, surely you have a good design with good colours, fonts and layouts already? If you don't maybe it's a web designer you need.? Remember, you can't polish a turd, or at least you shouldn't! What you should be concentrating on, is objectives and basic sales. What I mean by this is objections to overcome. In basic sales, you are taught to strive for the No! When people say no, it probably means they are interested. When you're given a no or an objective, you overcome it and close them down.

So what the hell's my point? Well you need to find out what the reservations of your customers are when it comes to your end goal (your conversion). This is conversion rate optimisation!

To find out the objections to your action(s) are, you need to find out what your users want, now I'm not talking about, "ERM..well I think this...or I think that" I'm talking about actually finding out. You can start with something as simple as your FAQ page. If your FAQs are actually FREQUENTLY asked questions, maybe you should ask why and how these can be made more prominent on the site, so there not asked any more??

Do you have a sales team? Do you have customer service? What objectives do they get? Can you sit them down and go through the biggest and most common hurdles for your product or service? Sit them down one by one to interview them and find the issues.

Don't be scared to reach out and ask your customers directly, add feedback forms, follow up emails or add incentives, anything to get your customers talking to you. Ask them why they converted and ask those who bounced from the shopping cart, why they did so. Sort your feedback email into categories and start working through them and see what crops up time and time again.

Once you have all your data, do the proper research, ask your client, they will know best and come up with the answers to the objectives and get them listed prominently on your site.

NOW you should start your A/B testing. :-)

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