I thought I'd throw together some of the blogs on my regular reading list to show my appreciation as well as help broaden some peoples reading lists. I'll keep adding to the list as and when..


SEOmoz actually has two blogs, their main blog as well as their Youmoz community driven section. Both are updated almost daily and are backed by a very giving and well received community.

If you write a post for Youmoz that is popular then you can get it bumped up the the main blog.

You can check out the YouMoz blog here and the main SEOmoz blog here.

Portent (Formally Conversation Marketing)

Ian Lurie of Portent keeps his blog up to date, publishing posts on a weekly basis, Ian has a no-holds barred approach to blogging and talks about everything from SEO to running his business.

You can check out the new portent blog here.

Blog Storm

Blog Storm is update infrequently but the quality of content is high and is always worth a read. The blog is run by Patrick Altoft of Branded3.

You can check out Blogstorm here.

Blind Five Year Old

Blind Five Year Old has really started coming into it's own in the last 12 months, the quality of posts are awesome and they almost always teach you something.

You can check out Blind Five Year Old here.


Sadly SharkSEO isn't updated regularly (last update was July 2011!) but no doubt it's a great blog and one to add to your reader and read up on what's there already.

You can check out SharkSEO here.

Paddy Moogan's Blog

I watched Paddy speaking at SASCON in 2011 on analytics 2.0 and since then I have kept a close eye on what he has to say! On his blog he talks about actionable tips for improving your site as well as productivity and getting shit done.

You can check out Paddy's blog here.

SEER Interactive

SEER Interactive's blog is updated by Wil Reynolds and his digital team. Wil tends to write about actionable advice for improving your SEO. I recently watched him speak at LinkLove 2012 and he absolutely killed it (and gained a stalker).

You can check out SEER Interactive's blog here.


SEOwizz aka Tim Grice writes on a semi regular basis on his blog, his posts are generally in-depth and filled with actionable advice. Tim also heads up the SEO team over at Branded3 with Patrick of previously mentioned BlogStorm.

You can check out SEOWizz here.

John Doherty

I actually find myself visiting John's blog more and more as the posts are always of great quality, in-depth and usually actionable. John Doherty is part of the Distilled team.

You can check out John Doherty's blog here.

SEO By The Sea

Bill Slawski pulls apart and interprets patents owned by the major search engines to help SEO to predict upcoming changes and back up current theories. I actually wanted to register the domain name seobythesea.com back when I first got into SEO as I lived abroad right by the sea - Bill beat me to it :)

You can check out SEO By The Sea here.

Joe Hall's Blog

I have only recently started reading Joe's blog but I liked what I read; in-depth, well thought out articles and I think it's safe to say Joe doesn't take himself to seriously. He isn't scared to say it how it is, which is always refreshing!

You can check out Joe Hall's blog here.

Distilled's Blog

The Distilled blog keeps on the cutting edge of search it is updated semi regularly by the Distilled team which includes the previously mentioned Paddy and John.

You can check out Distilled's blog here.


Aaron Wall of SEObook is somewhat of a genius but somewhat lesser known to newer SEO's due to his lack of self promotion and participation on other blogs and conferences (this may not be strictly true but I never seem to see him cropping up).

You can check out SEObook here.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land provide coverage of the search industry, the site is ran by journalist Danny Sullivan as well as a host of guest bloggers from around the globe.

You can check out Search Engine Land here.

Google's Webmaster Central Blog

Hear tips and tricks straight from the horses mouth as well as updates and changes to Google webmasters tools.

You can check out Google's WMC blog here.

Occam's Razor

Avinash Kaushik is an analytic's genius and authors two books "Analytics 2.0" and "Web Analytics An Hour A Day" if your serious about improving your understanding of your sites data, this is the blog for you.

You can check out Avinash's blog here.

State of Search

State of Search are known for the excellent coverage of industry conferences so if you can't make a conference you can follow along on Twitter and get the coverage straight from their blog.

You can check out State of Search here.

Martin McDonald's Blog

Ok so Martin McDonald is probably the most honest SEO out there! The guy is completely switched on and for me stole the show at the recent Linklove conference.

There isn't actually much on his blog but it is one to add to your reading list regardless. Martin has been known to dabble in the dark arts but that's another story :)

You can check out Martin McDonald's blog here.

Blue Hat SEO

Sadly not updated any more but Eli of BlueHatSEO pulled no punches and spoke openly about his 'blue hat' tactics, basically a mixture of black and white hat tactics, the site boasts advanced SEO tactics only.

Although its not updated and slowly decaying, most of the articles really get you thinking.

You can check out Eli's blog here.


Sean of 0's & 1's is a seriously funny guy and almost every post he does, I nearly piss myself laughing. If your going to try and Google him to find his blog then I suggest you go via the search term "Pickled Vienetta Slices in Rotherham" rather than try and remember the URL :)

You can check out 01100111011001010110010101101011 here

Point Blank SEO

Point Blank SEO is the blog of Jon Cooper an 18 year old genius :) Just a quick look at his link building list and I think you will agree!

You can check out Point Blank SEO here

Barry Adams

I love reading what Barry Adam's has to say simply because it's honest, forward thinking and not full of bull shit! This goes for his blogging and his commenting on other sites.

You can check out Barry Adams site here.


Wiep's blog concentrates on link building and can be found speaking at all the major conferences on the subject.

You can check out Wiep's blog here.

Dave Naylor's Blog

Dave Naylor is regarded as one of the best SEO's around, the blog is fuelled by Dave and his team and the posts are generally of good quality but the best posts come from Dave himself; usually calling Google out on something. I'd recommend you check out Strike point on webmaster Radio where Dave usually gets quite technical in his methods and quite heated in his opinions.

You can check out Dave Naylors blog here.

Feel free to add more sites in the comments and if they make the cut I'll add them to the list!


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