Last Updated: 09-June-2017


I'm a marketing consultant, working at Bronco; a boutique agency in Yorkshire.


I'm happily married to my beautiful wife and kept busy by my pouch Missy. I spend a lot of time reading and shouting at the television.

About the Blog

This blog will be mainly Python focused but from time to time I will also post about Marketing and Technical SEO - if you want to read my thoughts on these then I blog over here on these subjects. I'll also post about my personal life now and then.

I intend to increase the quality of the code I write for this blog, I do like to keep my code readable and efficient so hopefully others will benefit from it too.

I'm happy to help others if I can or explore suggested topics.

About the Technology

I wrote the CMS for the site using Flask and Python and a MySQL database MongoDB, I've also used a number of open source libraries to style the site such as bootstrap, highlight.js and others. The site is hosted on Python Anywhere which uses Amazon's EC2 servers.